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Use JobCruiter.com to reach a wide audience of qualified and high quality professionals. Our mission is to help employers engage with and hire the most qualified professionals around the world.

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JobCruiter.com is an unique channel for attractive employers to promote their business, both nationally and internationally. Employers get the opportunity to showcase their uniqueness and achieve full attention, from interested talents all over the world.

Featured Employer Sponsorship includes:

  • Logo and link on the front of JobCruiter.com and throughout the site (rotating banner together with the featured employers)
  • Featured Employer page
  • Ability to post available vacancies
  • Post video presentation(s)

If you are interested in advertising opportunities with JobCruiter.com and would like to contact an Account Manager, please email us at contact@jobcruiter.com and you can expect a response shortly.

About us

With more than 133.000 educational institutions and 175.000 employers in our database, JobCruiter.com is an attractive channel for users searching to develop their own career.

JobCruiter.com is all about sharing knowledge and ideas, finding business opportunities, companies and talents, and learning from them all.

Our goal is to connect employers and schools connect with job seekers, to help job seekers all over the world with innovative career tools and methods, and allow job seekers to quickly acquire a new and fitting job.

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JobCruiter.com Partner Programs

We are always interested in new and exciting partnerships with businesses, as well as colleges and universities where we can present our innovative solutions and look for future opportunities for cooperation.

Please contact our management team at contact@jobcruiter.com and you can expect a response shortly.